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Wall Framing


Wall Framing Tips - Building the Wall - Hopefully you've read the article on how to figure out how much materials you will need to purchase, before building the wall. Once you have figured out and purchased your building materials, it's time to learn how to assemble the wall.

Caulking the Bottom Framing Plates for Pest Control -
Insects like ants and cockroaches, can fit through the smallest cracks, whether they're on the outside of your house or they're on the inside of your house, if these cracks are open, insects are going to be using them on a regular basis.

Framing Exterior Walls with 2 X 6 - Framing the exterior walls with 2 x 6 studs instead of 2 x 4 can definitely add to the price of the home. In addition to the cost of the lumber, you also have an increase in the labor, insulation, window and door trimming.

24 Inch on Center Wall Framing - If you're building a home and you want to cut costs just a little bit further, you can always frame all of your interior non-bearing walls 24 inches on center. You cannot however use this for your exterior or bearing walls. I would suggest that you check with your local building department, before you frame any of your walls 24 inches on center.

Built up Framing Headers - The header is the framing support that holds up the floor or roof above it. Normally the window or door header will be the thickness of the wall width. If the wall is 2 x 6, the header is going to be 5 1/2 inches wide or the same thickness as the width of the 2 x 6 wall.

The Truth about Contractor Referral Directories - Here's a question that every homeowner asked themselves at least once. Where can I find a dependable contractor? When I was a child you would look through the yellow pages or start asking around the neighborhood, until you found someone that could work on your home.

Wood Truss Roof Repairs - Home Framing Advice - It's not common to find damaged roof trusses when building a new house, but every once in a while you will run into a problem where a truss has been damaged or even destroyed. This could hold up the final buildings completion date if not taken care of, immediately.

How Important Is It to Have the Right Window and Door Sizes? - Framing layout is one of the most important parts in new home construction. Not only will the doors and windows affect the positioning of stud placement, but plumbing and electrical fixtures will also play a big part in where those studs will be placed.

Simple Gable Roof Framing Plan - Contractor Secrets Revealed - I've been framing roofs and working on new homes for over 30 years and it's about time that I reveal some of the secrets that most contractors hold dearly to their heart. Some of the roof framing secrets have been passed down to me from my grandfather.

Plywood Roof Sheeting - Roof Framing Trade Secrets - Most framing contractor's look at the building plans and order all of the material, according to those that are specified on the plans. This works out fine, and can often save you money, but rarely produces the best home that you could possibly frame.


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